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  • Adventure, Arcade, Puzzle, Sports, and more.
  • If you have flash player then all the games are a simple click away.
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  • Play music directly in your browser.
  • Create playlist.
  • Manage your music from anywhere.
  • Unlimited party music.


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Disclaimer: None of the videos are hosted on this domain. We only provide a search engine that makes finding videos easy.

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Changes in 2024

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We understand the bittersweet ending of Flash. But fret not, gamers! We're dedicated to preserving your beloved experiences. Our team is meticulously fixing old bugs and glitches in your favorite games, while simultaneously handpicking brand-new titles to expand your library. Keep your eyes peeled for regular site updates - we're constantly improving your gaming haven!

Future Plans


We are improving our site all the time. We hope you enjoy the changes we have made.

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